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The number one thing we want people to understand is that our goal is to make retreats AFFORDABLE for EVERYONE. This means most of our retreats are not usually focused on being luxurious (although there are definitely some exceptions!) Our yoga retreats tend to be HALF the price of other retreats.

Bodhi typically rents out properties and host their own classes within the structure of the day. We will move furniture, practice outside, hosting yoga classes anywhere we have space. Bodhi usually provides brunch daily, leaving afternoon and evening meals up to their guests. Rooms and accommodation vary. We usually give an options for private rooms at a slightly higher price, but also offer dorm or shared rooms to keep the pricing more affordable. The only thing you need is to bring your yoga mat and a good attitude!

I really loved the yoga retreat in Iceland led by Sam and Irene for many reasons.

The schedule was balanced between two daily yoga practices and daily excursions.
Our teachers were a wonderful pair. Each taking one session a day. They were professional and helped accommodate those of us on different levels.

We were treated a real Icelandic experience as we stayed in an Icelandic house 1 1/2 hours east of the capital city. This gave us an opportunity to visit local establishments and to meet and mingle with the locals. I enjoyed living and practicing with a wonderful group of women!

Our ages ranged from 22-66 and everyone felt a part of the group. I am hoping to attend more yoga retreats with Sam and Irene as I feel this was one of the most memorable weeks of my life!



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